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Reimagining Tomorrow’s World

We are reshaping emerging industries and moving each sector forward with multidisciplinary applications, to inspire and transform the way we live and thrive in an ever-evolving world. CodeGen invests heavily in extraordinary and transformative technologies moving the world forward with our brilliant problem-solving and design engineering expertise.

Research Areas

Natural Language Processing & Semantics

We are designing and augmenting intelligent conversational agents that understand natural language and powers semantic-based reputation platforms for businesses. With our very own global knowledge base, we are creating extensive ontologies to support various industries globally.

User Experience & Interfaces

Our teams are constantly working round the clock to enhance the UI/UX of any product we develop and deploy. User behaviour, needs, motivation and preferences are analysed extensively to offer the best feel for users interacting with our products.

Information Retrieval & Extraction

CodeGen’s progressive crawling agents extract information from unstructured online sources and or user-generated content and stores data in an extensive semantic knowledge base. The collated information is converted into valuable data to personalise and recommend products and service offerings to customers in the most preferred form in real-time.

Machine Learning

Our business partners can utilise the machine learning algorithms we have deployed in our solutions for multiple industries allowing recommendations, revenue optimisation, image processing based analysis. We are currently applying this to the agriculture sector, crowd tracing and related advanced travel applications.

Deep Learning

We take machine-to-machine communication and learning to the next level with Bid Data analytics. Our work evolves around automated pattern detection along with computer vision, audio and video analysis by using architectures of deep neural networks.

Autonomous Navigation

By deploying advanced algorithms and onboard supercomputers capable of running advanced AI, Deep Learning and Computer Vision algorithms, our autonomous applications are power-packed with multidisciplinary application capabilities.

Image Processing

Advanced image and video processing coupled with optical character recognition technologies, autonomously monitor, manage and learn from the collated image database while extracting analytical data for planning, forecasting and monitoring purposes in many industries.


The application of Mechatronics in the product development field has optimised multiple areas such as aerodynamic designs, capturing sensor-based information and 3D image modelling incorporated with IoT devices for autonomous navigation and processing.

We Are Transforming

Inspired by a hyper-creative generation with multidisciplinary expertise, we are venturing into emerging markets in order to provide high-performance technology solutions that are sustainable to power tomorrow’s world.

Travel & Tourism


Global Knowlege-Base

Our purpose-build proprietary knowledge platform is an all-encompassing solution employing advanced algorithms creating extensive ontologies to support various industries. With years of R&D and by working with blue-chip companies, we have built and deployed an advanced travel product suite globally to enhance the online travel booking journey of customers.


Industry-Academia With Universities

We are working with leading local universities to give the best opportunities to students and graduates to innovate world-class products and algorithms with high IP value by offering fully-funded PhD scholarships.

R&D Initiatives By CodeGen

Other Multi-Industry Applications

Our R&D efforts are in place to reinvent our innovations to increase performance. With projects like Vega, AI travel product suite, we have redefined extraordinary in the global arena.

Important Today, Even More, Tomorrow

We are here to inspire change by reinvigorating the innovation ecosystem to make our world a better place for our people and our planet. Explore possibilities with our team of energetic scientists and engineers to redefine business intelligence and excellence for you.

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