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Passion Inspired Innovations

We are a bunch of passionate enthusiasts wanting to change the world with the innovations we design and engineer at CodeGen. There is so much more we do here than code all day, and we are excited to share our awesome office space and incredible facilities for recreation with you.


Innovations Taking
Center Stage

Every project and product we design and develop at CodeGen brings out the best in us. These innovations inspire us to do things differently with a lot of passion and introduce us to new and extraordinary technologies that will transform tomorrow’s world.

We Believe In

Disruptive Transformation

Curiosity . Passion . Innovation

Make Intents Clear

Transparency . Integrity . Accountability

Pursuit of Excellence

Reliability . Persistence . Effectiveness

Growth Mindset

Positivity . Inspiration . Motivation

Being Human

Respect . Humility . Service to Others

Driving Change

People . Planet . Excellence

Corporate Social


We believe in doing simple things that create a big impact in someone’s life, community or in our environment. Join hands with the CodeGen family and help us create a lasting impression in the world we live and thrive in.

We Encourage You


Research & Development

Never stop learning and always always innovate to solve real-world problems inspired by your innate passion to be the change you want to see in this world.


If you are constantly curious and always wanting to learn a new skill or try new things, make use of the nano-degree courses we offer for the inquisitive mind.

PhD Scholarships

Through QBITS, our industry-academia initiative in collaboration with local universities we are facilitating fully-funded PhDs to develop high-value IPR.


Come and explore the many innovations we design and engineer with our multidisciplinary product teams; we are here to inspire you and help you choose your path.

Industry Exposure

We design and develop extraordinary innovation for multiple industries using multidisciplinary technology applications; the industry exposure you gain here is unmatched.


Our teams are super talented and brilliant in everything they do; we are inviting you to join us and unwind during lunch or evening breaks to sing, play an instrument or play some table tennis.