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Artificial Intelligence Agriculture Technology

Fully autonomous hydroponic based agriculture technology with Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things powered applications and robotics to grow high yield produce free of pesticides and weedicides in urban and semi-urban localities.

AI Agriculture Technology

Powerful agriculture solution using soil-less hydroponic and vertical techniques to optimise output by around 300 times per Acre, reducing the land requirement from 10 to 1, with low operational costs. Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Deep Learning techniques enhance the food supply chain to meet demand and manage supply effectively. AiGROW is the epicentre of the future of food supply for sustainable living, empowering a ‘New-Gen’ workforce to join the food production ecosystem, to support urbanisation.

Year-Round Production

With indoor, soilless and vertical structures, AiGROW agriculture technology is a secure business model for farmers in the agriculture industry to grow crops year-round, with minimum wastage or destruction resulting in a loss due to adverse weather.

New-Gen Workforce

We are encouraging the youth to move into industries that require advanced, analytical and highly skilled talent to make notable changes to the current industry landscape. Intelligent agriculture solutions will be the way forward in a world of depleting resources for future food security and supply.

Demand & Supply Driven

IoT, AI & Deep Learning techniques enhance the food supply chain to meet demand and manage the supply of goods with advanced algorithms employed in our proprietary technology. Plan and forecast crop output and delivery just-in-time to increase shelf-life of fresh greens.




The easily deployable cloud-based architecture of our agriculture technology platform empowers greenhouse owners to manage multiple greenhouses in many locations through a unified interface. Connected sensors and controllers ensure seamless communication between greenhouses and instantly stores data in the cloud.


With AI and IoT applications, meeting demand and supply is made effectual when collated data are analysed extensively for optimum crop output planning and forecasting while increasing shelf-life at supermarkets with JIT delivery.

Recycling – Reuse Technology

We are reducing wastage and excessive use of natural resources such as water by powering purpose-built water recycle-reuse mechanism. Our advanced E-Fertigation solution, coupled with automation technologies, deliver this smart solution for the agriculture industry.

Precision Crop Management

Advanced algorithms are employed to detect plant growth, output weight, nutrient deficiencies and crop diseases and alarms the greenhouse manager in real-time. With our high-performance product suite, recommended nutrient deficiency or disease prevention mechanisms will be instantly executed.

Advanced Data Analytics

Advanced image and video processing and optical character recognition technologies autonomously monitor, manage and learn from collated data for planning, forecasting and informed decision making through our advanced cloud-based data centre powered by AI.

Minimise Labour Intensity

Automation powered by AI and Mechatronics will reduce the time taken to carry out activities in a greenhouse, minimising human intervention and thereby reducing cost and enabling purposeful resource reallocation.

AiGROW Products

From greenhouse design to modularised high-performance applications, AiGROW’s AI-infused product suite is a result of years of research on optimum food production and sustainable management practices.

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AiGROW Products

From greenhouse design to modularised high-performance applications, AiGROW’s AI-infused product suite is a result of years of research on optimum food production and sustainable management practices.



Precision application of nutrients with tested and optimised recipes for a variety of crops powered by AI

Relay & Sensor Nodes

Measure critical parameters and data via the sensor system and centrally manage greenhouses remotely

Climate Controller

Works as a standalone device or via our Greenhouse Controller and manages all climate-related automation

Greenhouse Controller

Real-time data visualisation and greenhouse management dashboard for data-driven decision making

Turnkey Greenhouse Solutions

Greenhouse installation and management from bottom-up designing and technology integration

Benefits of AiGROW

Sustainable Food Supply

Manage multiple, seamlessly connected greenhouses using hydroponics technology in numerous localities.
Renewable energy applications and recycle-resue technologies ensure minimum wastage and sustainable practices.
Reduction of CO2 emission and Green House Gasses (GHG) by limiting the transportation of products in vehicles and deforestation for land acquisition.
This solution uses 60% less fertiliser, and the produce is free of pesticide or weedicide. Zero contamination of water reduces health hazards in the community.
1:10 land and food Security; Use of vertical structures offer over 300 times yield per acre and facilitates locally-grown greens.
Encourages communities to grow, share and co-run greenhouses creating new business opportunities.
Reallocation of underutilised spaces for future food production and encourage self-sustaining cities.
Not dependent on weather and capable of year-round food production.

Technology Application

Our next-generation agriculture technology solution focuses on data analytics, image processing with AI-powered robotics, and aims to classify and predict nutritive requirements, crop diseases, optimisation of yield output and studies the ideal environment for year-round harvesting of crops.

Next-Generation AI

Agriculture Technology

The produce harvested from AiGROW are free of pesticides and weedicides with 90% recycling of utilised water and increases productivity with precision demand and supply planning for sustainable growth and quick Return On Investment (ROI).

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