Human Resource Management (HRM)

Software with Remote Working Facilitation & Social Engagement

State of the art human intelligence platform to sense your workforce. With remote working facilitation and social engagements, Kriyo HRM solution enables Work from Home + Work from Office hybrid models with advanced analytics and AI-led applications.

Human Resource Management

Software Features

Hybrid HRM

Work from Home and Work from Office (WFH + WFO) management capabilities to offer flexibility and a modern working approach with transparency.

Talent Sourcing

End-to-end HRM solution for talent sourcing and management; from recruitment to onboarding and offboarding and many other features.

Performance Management

An all-in-one solution for talent and performance management with advanced KIP monitoring and intelligent resource management capabilities.

Remote Working

A comprehensive set of tools to manage remote working of employees. Manage their work schedules, performance and even appraisals remotely.

Advanced Analytics

Use predictive analysis and unlock insights with easy to navigate and customisable dashboards.

Process Automation

Streamline and automate the inquiry process and release HR teams to focus on tasks that require a human touch for meaningful engagements.

Easy Search

Understand what your employees are looking for with our Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology enabling quick and easy search.

Video Conferencing

Virtual meetings enable teams to connect seamlessly from anywhere. Conduct review meetings, client demos and even appraisals in real-time.

HRM AI Chatbot

Automate the inquiry process with our HRM Artificial Intelligence Chatbot and release the HR team for tasks that require a human touch.

Social Engagement

Provide a common space to share ideas and enhance peer-to-peer collaboration via a company-specific social feed.

Just-in-Time Learning

Know your employees, their skills in just one click and help them improve performance with a Just-in-time (JIT) learning approach.

Growth Planning

Plan the growth and development of people for better project and business planning with our KPI monitoring and advanced metrics.


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