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Pioneers of South Asia’s first all-electric supercar designed and develope in Sri Lanka by highly skilled multidisciplinary engineers. Our modular-based approach in component design and manufacturing offers tailor-made solutions for the most demanding projects regardless of the size and complexity.

Precision Engineering

We are transforming the electric mobility landscape by delivering a complete turnkey high-performance solution designed, developed and crafted in-house. Multidisciplinary application of technology, know-how and design innovation, makes Vega Innovations, an exceptional automotive design and solution specialist for precision engineering of all things electric and mobile.


Vega EVX being South Asia’s first all-electric supercar designed, developed and tested boasts of handcrafted design detailing and intelligent technology powering this supercar that hails from an island of ingenuity, Sri Lanka powered by CodeGen.
* 300km (With 55kWh NMC Gen 2 Battery Pack)






0- 100km/h
3.1 seconds




Purpose-built . Proprietary Technology

Motor Controller

Advanced traction control inverters using patent-pending technology for lightweight, high power density requirements and is capable of 350kW peak power operating up to 900V and 600A. Liquid-cooled with pin-fin structure baseplate proprietary technology.

Battery Pack

Liquid-cooled battery pack designs are engineered using pouch and cylindrical cells. The technology facilitates dual tab cooled, cell fused battery assemblies with state-of-the-art integrated Battery Management Systems (BMS). AI-powered to monitor battery health and optimisations.

Charge Controller

Complying with the industry-leading standards of SAE J1772, IEC-62196-2, CHAdeMO and CCS, Charger Controller covers both normal and fast charging requirements of electric vehicles and can be configured to be either air-cooled or liquid-cooled.

Vehicle Control Unit (VCU)

Vega’s VCU utilises the latest microcontrollers with advanced features with multi-protocol communication channels, failure management and data logging features. Thermal Management Controller of the car is seamlessly integrated with the VCU, to optimise and manage the temperature of critical drivetrain components.

Digital Instrument Clusters & Infotainment

Go beyond generic information displays and offer personal user-to-vehicle interaction with the Vega Infotainment System, engineered by employing many high-performance computing hardware and software platforms for manufacturers to bring AI-based USPs to the infotainment sector.

Body Control

Vega’s Body Control System is based on a distributed architecture integrating cutting-edge features at a low price point; consists of Body Control Unit (BCU), Door Control Unit (DCU), Light Control Unit (LCU) and Climate Control Unit (CCU).

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