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Cloud Smart School Education & Training

Inspiring educators to innovate the learning experience of students with cutting-edge EduTech at schools, educational institutes and companies while inspiring students to do what ignites their passion. Offer a variety of modern and intriguing learning material via our intuitive education and training platform for brilliant outcomes.

Unified Education Technology

With Cloud Smart School, we are transforming the learning experience with the use of cutting-edge technology. Our solution is tested and proven for school, institute and training management, learning management and remote interactive learning capabilities to strengthen the education system for new-age students, who are curious and always on the lookout for something inspiring.

Problem-Solving Education

Our approach in education is based on inspiring one to look for solutions by using the content that is already provided or pushed to the student or trainee and or by collaborating with peers and online search platforms to assimilate data to solve the problem presented. With smart content acquisition, collaboration and brilliant application of research-oriented activities, students and trainees will cultivate creativity and intelligent thinking.

Just-in-Time (JIT) Learning

We are delivering real-time content, based on the need of the moment, personalised to the student’s learning requirement and progress in the form of multimedia content via a single unified UI. Progress tracking and the ability to fuel growth with smart content push is a vital feature in Cloud Smart School.

Learnability Approach

With advanced analytics features, teachers and trainers can monitor the application usage-behaviour of the user over time, and understand subject preferences, mostly used mode of learning, etc., and measure the ability and the speed at which, the student or trainees absorbs knowledge presented by the educator.


of Cloud Smart School

End-to-end Management (SMS)

An intuitive mechanism to get a glimpse of your school, institute or training portal and all related activities in a few clicks with our Schol Management System (SMS). With multiple user portals, quick dashboard views, fee collection modules, automated management of user segments and reporting, administrators can do away with time-consuming manual tasks.

Examinations & Assessments

Our examination management platform allows educators to enter and approve marks in a systematic manner, enabling the admins to generate automated reports, average calculations, and performance comparisons along with the MCQ examination set-up option.


Cloud Smart School education solution is designed to empower students to solve problems intuitively and in real-time. Our take on Problem-solving, Learnability and Just-in-time (JIT) based education is facilitated by the effective distribution of content via Cloud Smart School Learning Management System (LMS).

AI Powered Analytics

Gain insights and understand the needs of your students to offer differentiated learning techniques, personalised to each student. We provide data-driven progress tracking to optimise the learning and teaching mechanism by analysing user behaviour and development of students.

Learning Management

Cloud Smart School’s advanced Learning Management System (LMS) delivers useful and intuitive content in forms of assessments, course material, and multimedia content. Easy navigation features enable educators to upload content, share and assess the usage of the content distributed and its effectiveness instantly while managing lesson plans for an entire year.

Smart Timetable

We take an agile approach in scheduling subjects to classes and assigning of teachers online in schools and institutes. A comprehensive solution to schedule lessons and class times efficiently while enabling online management of courses depending availability of teacher or trainer.

XOLO Smart Classrooms

All-in-one state of the art Smart Tablet solution for Smart Classrooms and Corporate Training to invigorate passion inspired learning. A unified platform for multiple stakeholders to take charge in creating a secure, creative and agile learning space.

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XOLO Smart Classrooms

All-in-one state of the art Smart Tablet solution for Smart Classrooms and Corporate Training to invigorate passion inspired learning. A unified platform for multiple stakeholders to take charge in creating a secure, creative and agile learning space.


Handwritten Notes

Write in your own handwriting, reach search and do much more without having to shift between apps

Multi-Media Content

Ability to read, listen, watch and learn from multiple material in digital and media format via a single UI

Paperless Technology

All-in-one solution to reduce the use of paper and multiple books in classrooms and assessments

Remote Learning

Access study and training content at anytime-anywhere for personalised and real-time learning

XOLO Security

Have full control over the Tabs used in real-time to manage and monitor usage and protect uploaded content

How Cloud Smart School Platform

Facilitates Corporate Training

By integrating Cloud Smart School, XOLO Smart App along with Kriyo human intelligence software powered by CodeGen offers a comprehensive employer and employee journey optimisation solution.
All resources are securely stored in the cloud and the solution is easily deployable no matter the number of regions or states your company is located in.
Fully-fledged Learning Management System (LMS), people management portals and dashboards coupled with advanced analytics to support assessments make Cloud Smart School an ideal unified platform for online training.
Kriyo human intelligence software is a value-added plug-in for corporate clients who are interested in creating a learning and inspiring ecosystem in the corporate world.
What you upload as content for training and assessments are owned by you and securely stored via the Google App Engine.
Reduce travel costs and event or training session hosting expenses drastically and minimise the labour intensity of corporate training activities.

Our Solution is Designed for

We believe in designing products that solve real problems for multiple market segments. With years of research and working with educators and students in schools, education institutes and employees in the corporate sector, our solution offers a multitude of features to meet requirements of the following users.

Effective Productivity

360◦ Corporate Training

We are offering a centralised, unified platform with multimedia learning and training material via multi-devices to our corporate partners by integrating our very own human intelligence solution. Automate employee training, learning management and progress monitoring in real-time along with our comprehensive employer-employee journey mapping technology.

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