WTM 2016: Codegen seeks partners for ‘not your average reviews platform’

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Travel technology specialist Codegen is looking for partners to trial its new reviews platform that uses artificial intelligence to understand sentiment.

Review Spotter has been developed by the Sri-Lankan technology firm to be “not your average review platform”. The technology was being promoted last week at World Travel Market.

Behind the scenes a powerful ontology engine understands the meaning of what is written allowing customers to say what they want and not have to stick to a pre-determined framework.

This allows the travel company to take that information and build personas based on who is writing the review which can then be fed back into a personalisation and recommendation engine.

Review Spotter integrates with Codegen’s Surf natural language search technology that is due to be rolled out by two travel partners next year.

The technology will allow certain types of people to be matched with certain types of product and opens up the possibility of more intelligent search based on review data as well as keywords.

Codegen said the technology also “bot ready” so it can be used by the next generation of devices like Amazon’s Echo and is ready for customer interfaces to become more voice-led.

Mark Melzack, client account manager, said: “When consumers decide they are ready to use a bot, we are ready for that.”

Codgen says it has also been fine-tuning its data structures to improve speed and says it can deliver live bookable package prices in sub-second response times.


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