WTM 2015: CodeGen touts new Travelbox Review Platform

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WTM 2015: CodeGen touts new Travelbox Review platform for data ownership and analysis

Travel software specialist CodeGen has developed a new review platform for its travel sector customers to help them generate and own more of their own feedback.

Travelbox Review is fully configurable for customers who can determine how and what information is captured and how that is displayed on their website.

The system will also harvest reviews on third party sites and semantic technology will analyse the content to offer users insight into their company and products.

CodeGen hopes once it becomes established in travel, the review system will appeal to other e-commerce sectors.

The firm said the technology was designed to address an issue with existing review platforms that the company being reviewed does not own the data.

Bharat Patel, commercial director of CodeGen, said: “Reviews are going to play an increasing important role but they need to be done intelligently enough to obtain valuable information to the user.

“We are trying to automate the process as much as possible.”

Travelbox Review offers a management dashboard where a user can create templates for different brands and websites setting out how reviews are collected and what factors are prioritised.

This can also determine how the reviews are displayed once they are submitted and what attributes are highlighted, whether that is the hotel, the staff, the food, the service or whatever else.

A filter will ensure no unacceptable language or competitor links appear in any reviews that go live.

An Insights Dashboard will then allow firms to configure the reviews by picking out positive and negative comments using semantic technology, for certain pre-defined attributes of the holiday.

It will also show graphically where the reviews have come from.

A third module called Ontos will then provide detailed analysis of the reviews so the client can build up business intelligence based on the feedback to improve their and their suppliers’ offering.

The insights derived from the reviews can then be fed back into the clients’ Travelbox powered website to help it personalise search results for new customers.


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