The health and safety of our employees and business partners remain our highest priority

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At CodeGen, safeguarding the wellbeing and safety of our team, their families, and our business partners are of paramount importance. As we continue to proactively manage our business through this global crisis, CodeGen is constantly monitoring the developments of the pandemic globally to minimise risks related to the spread of COVID-19. Whilst we strictly adhere to WHO and local health authority guidelines, a dedicated in-house task force ensures that these guidelines are thoroughly followed by our employees and all stakeholders involved in our daily operations. Our fully integrated HRM solution Kriyo, has enabled us to trace on-site employee movement, attendance, and necessary data in real-time in case of an emergency.

Our offices in the United Kingdom and the United States of America are following a work-from-home policy from March 2020 to date. Our innovation center in Sri Lanka, where we staff over 550 team members strictly adheres to WHO and local health ministry and government authority guidelines. 

CodeGen was one of the very first companies to introduce a work-from-home policy well before the pandemic ceased normal business operations in Sri Lanka back in March 2020. The Sri Lanka office partially reopened during the latter half of June 2020 post curfew and introduced a hybrid working model. CodeGen was able to maintain an 80:20 ratio allowing our team members to work-from-home and work-from-office, respectively to mitigate any potential spread of the virus. During this period, 20% of our staff opted to work-from-office to ensure we support our global clientele in full capacity even during these challenging times. 

Currently, 93% of our employees continue to work from home, while identified team members that are considered essential to support CodeGen’s business continuity strategy works from our office premises on a rotation basis. All employees assigned to work from our office premises are governed by mandatory health and safety protocols and are carefully monitored daily.

The following health and safety protocols are followed, and the required facilities are provided to our employees;  

  • Mandatory work-from-home for all employees excluding appointed individuals who are required to report to work 
  • We have enabled remote-working capabilities and monitoring mechanisms to ensure optimum collaboration and output
  • Process automation and online-based systems have minimised in-person customer interaction 
  • Facilitating infrared thermometers at the front desk for on-site temperature checks
  • On-site health and safety protocols for sanitation, social distancing, and general hygiene are in place and strictly enforced
  • We are also looking into providing secure transportation, lodging for employees living outside of Colombo on a need basis. 

Despite the health and safety procedures in place, it is unfortunate that we are bound to contract the Novel Coronavirus during these unprecedented times. We humbly request you to refrain from sharing unverified information and to respect the efforts and privacy of our employees at all times.


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