Software Architect – Ishan Fernando

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University of Sri Jayawardenepura

Starting from ‘knowing nothing’ to become a full scope product expert, a proven successful solution architect and a champion in client engagement, is a fantastic journey of 13 years! 

I have spearheaded many projects for world-renowned airlines, largest theme park operators and premium travel companies during my journey at CodeGen. I have led functional teams to reach groundbreaking milestones and delivered time-critical projects within a short period of time. The ability to work on multiple areas while specialising in architecting core flows of TravelBox™ for customers gave me the chance to introduce the company into new value-added areas for both B2B and B2C applications. By crafting high-end solutions for some of the largest companies in the travel and tourism trade, I specialise in architecting flights, and functional areas all while leading teams and building strong relationships with clients from around the world.  

I am blessed to have learnt from the best seniors throughout my career and so very proud and humbled that I get the opportunity to groom and grow many juniors to be the best leads. I have not only been able to excel in my career, but also have had the opportunity to lead the CodeGen  Welfare Society,  Toastmasters Club and the ‘Cloud City’ Band, while initiating various community and charity projects adding that extra set of hues to this awesome journey. Cheers to CodeGen! 


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