Senior Software Engineer – Pamoda Vajiramali

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University of Rajarata

I joined CodeGen as an intern and  it has been a wonderful journey and I am enjoying every moment of it. With the new technologies and exposure we receive, you can never get bored of what you do. Everyday greets you with  a new challenge and it pushes you to learn, grow and to explore new ways to innovate.  

The biggest asset  of CodeGen is its people. They are the most energetic, enthusiastic and friendliest people that you can ever ask for or work with. 

I have been with CodeGen for the past three years and is now looking into conversation AI technologies that can optimise business performance in multiple industries. Lia is CodeGen’s AI Chatbot that we have built and optimised for the travel and retail sector where I learn new methodologies and business requirements each day. CodeGen guided me to become a better and bolder version of myself. The opportunity I received to work in the R&D team of CodeGen offered me the ideal learning experience while working with specialists in the AI field. 


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