Low-cost Medical Ventilator Manufactured by Vega Innovations to Support COVID-19 Outbreak

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A new low-cost easily scalable medical ventilator is designed and developed by Vega Innovations, a subsidiary of CodeGen Group of Companies. This is now being tested in Sri Lanka under the supervision of Dr Chandana Karunarathna, Consultant in Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine at the Ministry of Health of Sri Lanka.

How is Vega’s Low-cost Medical Ventilator Different from Ambu Bag Design

Vega Innovations to Support COVID-19 OutbreakIt is believed that hand-operated bag-valve resuscitator or Ambu bag type is the simplest form of medical ventilators that can be used in a situation such as what we are facing today. However, the team of engineering experts, scientists and medical professionals in the front-line tackling the daily challenges faced in Sri Lanka are testing this much-advanced solution developed bottom up to make it as effective as possible to treat patients at a time where the virus outbreak is reaching its peak.

Medical Ventilator Prototype


This particular medical ventilator is designed for treating Coronavirus patients in their critical phase, operates in Volume Controlled – Continuous Mandatory Ventilation (VC-CMV) mode. It takes into the account the drawbacks of the more popular Ambu bag-based design and adds vital features needed to revive Coronavirus patients at full-tilt.

The design is also scalable and can be developed locally in any country by implementing the technology and design architecture to be manufactured under USD 650 per unit.

Specifications of the Low-cost Medical Ventilator

  • Volume Controllable From 300ml to 1300ml
  • Control Inhalation Timing And 1:E Ratio
  • Up To 35 Breath Cycles Per Minute
  • PEEP Pressure Adjustable From 30-40 Cmh2o
  • Inhalation Pressure Up to 40cmh2o
  • Safety Valve at 40cmh2o
  • Safety Alarms for Under and Over Pressure as Well Unreachable Breath Cycles
  • Runs on Compressed O2 And Compressed Air

VegaVega Innovations Team Working on Ventilator together with all stakeholder working on this project will coordinate the manufacturing and deployment of the medical ventilators, together with the government of Sri Lanka. We as a team will also establish strategic partnerships to accelerate the manufacturing of these units.

CodeGen together with Vega Innovations, are on a mission to transform industries with cutting-edge, high-performance technologies while connecting people, uplifting livelihoods, and advancing the future generations to take ownership of the change they can create with their talent and skills. We will continue to drive change, push boundaries to solve real-world problems globally.

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A new low-cost easily scalable medical ventilator is designed and developed by Vega Innovations, powered by CodeGen to combat COVID-19

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